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"Excellent! Steve is very articulate and succinct. He successfully targeted our audience while presenting substance of his work. When involved in our ongoing work we sometimes pass over many of the important signals Steve brought to the surface." - Nora Coffey, Coffee, Oliver & Ogden

Steve Gavatorta

Bottom-Line Skills Gained:

  • Master the art of effective comunication
  • Develop or jump-start relationships that are mutually beneficial
  • Learn to "read" people's communication style so you can get your point across and understand theirs
  • Create two-way dialogs instead of one way monologues
  • Motivate your employees or teammates
  • Improve performance and increase sales, productivity, and profits

Steve Gavatorta can bring your event to life with his engaging style and read-to-use information. Having developed his communication system, The Reach Out Approach, through years of consulting, coaching and training of every level of leader and team member in multiple industries, he is an expert at turning otherwise ordinary people into great sales people, leaders, managers and teammates.

Communication is the bridge between†people. Whether†selling†or recruiting, motivating or teaching, being able to reach beyond shyness, discomfort or misunderstanding and really connect with others, is an indispensable tool. Steve's system of learning how to understand oneself and others, and using that understanding to create instant and lasting interpersonal connections, is a tool that no one should be without.

Through The Reach Out Approach, Steve Gavatorta has demystified great communication. In his presentations, whether keynotes or workshops, Steve shares those basic skills, and leaves audiences not only inspired, but armed with tools that enable them to raise their level of performance, increase their sales, deepen their relationships and empower their peers. No one will come away without real, lasting value and an experience of insight and discovery!

Steve Gavatorta presents to all kinds of audiences: Corporate, Non-Profit, Sales, Awards Ceremonies and more.

Tailored Sub-Brands

The Reach Out Approach is a practical tool that can be leveraged in multiple situations and environments. Steve Gavatorta can tailor his sessions to fit the exact need you have:

  • Sales
  • Management / Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Small Business Entrepreneur
  • Networking
  • Personal Needs
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"Steve did a Professional Development speaking engagement for the NY Chapter of NIRI, a professional association. The session was FANTASTIC! Everyone (junior and senior professionals) not only enjoyed the interactive and informative presentation but were astounded by the accuracy of their communication assessment reports. It made the participants cognizant of their communication style as well as how to interact with other communication styles-- effectively providing them with the tools necessary to be successful in both personal and professional relationships. I strongly suggest every corporation and professional association have Steve Gavatorta speak on communication skills!"

Sara Gori
Investor Relations Director
AXA Financial Inc.
NIRI-NY Chapter
V.P. of Professional Development

"We, at NYU's Center for Management, have been privileged to have Steve Gavatorta speak with our population on several occasions. Steve is very engaging, passionate about his subject, always prepared with stimulating exercises that challenge people, open and flexible to feedback from the participants and the faculty. People find Steve very approachable and the poor guy usually canít even find time to take a sip of water after his presentation, he is that popular among the audience members, each of whom wants to discuss his or her own situation."

Meryl Moritz
Faculty Instructor and
Executive Coach
NYU Department of
Continuing Education

"I loved the program! I thought it was very beneficial and I look at communicating with people very differently. Steve is a gifted speaker! I like the way he tells his stories."

Maggie Chow
New York Times

"I really liked Steve and enjoyed his presentation. I thought he was extremely knowledgeable, a good teacher, and a good presenter."

Jennifer Farrelly
Consulting Worldwide

"Steve is very polished, prepared and interesting."

Robert Murphy

"Steve really knew how to engage our group of company owners and general managers.†Not only was he prepared with the figures on the benefits of having top performers in our companies, but he also left us with a proven method for hiring and retaining them.†Steve is all about results."

Jacquelynn Savoca
Executive Director
Coatings Research Group, Inc.