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SPEAKING PROGRAMS: Engaging, Insightful & Relevant

An Engaging Speaker + Actionable Programs = Lasting Effects

"Excellent! Steve is very articulate and succinct. He successfully targeted our audience while presenting substance of his work. When involved in our ongoing work we sometimes pass over many of the important signals Steve brought to the surface." - Nora Coffey, Coffee, Oliver & Ogden

Steve Gavatorta can bring your event to life with his engaging style and read-to-use information. Having developed his custom-based speaking programs, through over 30-years working in Corporate America, and running his consulting, business, he is an expert at turning otherwise ordinary people into great sales people, leaders, managers and teammates.

Steve’s programs are not only engaging, insightful but relevant to his audience respective needs. Whether trying to help improve the lives of his audience personal or professional needs, Steve delivers in spades. His two main speaking programs are as follows (click on title to learn more):

Download Steve Gavatorta keynote In Defense of Adversity PDF

In Defense of Adversity – Turning Your Toughest Challenges into Your Greatest Success

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Download Steve Gavatorta keynote Are You a Commodity or a Consultant PDF

Are You a Commodity or a Consultant – It’s Not Solely About the Sale, It’s About Collaborative Solutions

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