Our reputation speaks for itself! Satisfied clients offer proof that our ability to
help them “thrive” is unsurpassed.

"Steve, I want to thank you for confirming a belief I've had for years but didn't always quite know how to implement: You can earn a living and increase the joy you experience in life by doing what you love. Your seminar placed a big focus on personal values which I believe is central for contentment at work or in life. Many approaches on career transition only focus on how to get what you want making the assumption that everybody already knows what this is. You, however, don't make this assumption. Taking me back to what values are most important to me and what can I offer the world really helps me look at myself as a powerful beings capable of affecting many lives. Thanks again."

James Berry

"Working through DISC™ with Steve has been a truly enlightening experience. I used to believe that certain people weren’t accessible to me because we were just different and didn’t speak the same "language." With DISC™ I was able to learn exactly what those differences were and acquire the tools to help me create a common language. As a result, I’ve become a more effective communicator."

Sophfronia Scott
Business Owner & Coach
Creative Coaching Plans

"Steve’s insights were very valuable in helping me change careers. He helped me see things in myself and my experiences that helped both speed and smooth the transition. I’m much happier now, and I owe a good deal of that to Steve."

Alyse Brady
Sales Professional

"Steve, you are great and from the bottom of my heart I thank you for challenging me to look at things in different ways."

Lisa Steuernagel
Customer Marketing Manager

"While I had a good understanding of the coaching field, Steve’s Market Yourself To Success(SM) program gave me additional insight on how I can communicate effectively with people I never thought I could. Additionally, I now see this invaluable service as a must have for anyone who wishes to maximize their success as well as their happiness! "

Andrea D
Business Owner
Virtual Solutions

"Steve was very knowledgeable on the subject of Marketing Yourself To Success and managed to provide a wonderfully interactive workshop with handouts, overhead projected slides and Q&A throughout the seminar. Every participant left the workshop with a start on our personal marketing strategy. The session was excellent."

Michele W.
Attendee to the Marketing Yourself To Success(SM) workshop

"Just wanted to thank you for the great workshop. The information I gained gives me confidence and is helping me to move forward in creating a more profitable practice."

Beth Herosy
Small Business Owner