reach out approach - Ending Nuggets

Reach Out Approach Mastery - Next Steps

Want to take The Reach Out Approach to the next level? Take a few minutes to listen to Steve's video on this page and act on the following 3 points below.

  1. Ensure you complete and act on The Reach Out Approach Skill Builder Questions in chapter 12

    • Did you list the 3 biggest nuggets you learned from this book and how you'll apply them?
    • Did you list all of the people you'll be using the Reach Out Approach with today?
      What action plans will you use with them?
    • Did you meet the five goals you set for yourself in Chapter 1?
  2. Use Reach Out Approach web site as an ongoing developmental resource

    • The Reach Out Approach Communication Forum
    • Developmental programs or
    • Reach Out Approach Newsletter
  3. Invest in your personal development

    • Take courses
    • Attend seminars
    • Read good books
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