A Unique Approach to Speaking, Training and Coaching


To thrive in today’s changing landscape you must have a new level of employee development – something fresh and new, something that goes beyond traditional corporate training. You don’t need the unrealistic ideals and irrelevant solutions of standard training. You need programs that truly engage participants and ensure lessons are absorbed and put into practice.

And that’s exactly what we do. Our approach teaches participants how to thrive in an increasingly demanding environment. How? By combining practical training with the flexibility for creative solutions that will meet future needs and trends. This balanced approach ensures you and your staff learn not only principles and methodologies, but how to use them – now and in the future.

By leveraging our vast experience, time-tested strategies and proven tools, we use a no-nonsense, bottom-line approach that will arm you and your team with relevant skills that can be used immediately.   By thoroughly understanding your needs, we will customize content for your specific challenges. You and your team will learn and practice skills that will differentiate them from the competition.

Our Approach is practical: Our strategies have been applied for over 23 years during a vast cross-functional corporate experience. This means you’ll learn skills that really work.


Our Approach is creative: Our solutions are tailored to your industry, business and team. We analyze your unique needs and create a program relevant to you.


The knowledge you’ll gain provides a firm foundation of fundamentals. If you already know the basics, we help you master advanced techniques you can use to be more productive.


The knowledge you’ll gain will differentiate you from your competition. Programs are based on the latest trends and dynamics affecting your business.


What you’ll learn are solutions grounded in reality and prepare you to handle the pressing situations you face on a daily basis.


What you’ll learn will prepare you for the future and teach you how to adapt and improvise during times of change, conflict and unsurpassed competition.


"Steve really helped our team to understand key fundamentals for effective communication … whenever we are under pressure and forget about the importance of human dynamics, the fundamentals he taught us provides us with an example we can come back home to.”
– Paul Scruppi, Regional Sales Manager Sullivan Schein


“Steve was very creative in his approach to our needs. He really understood our business and built a tailored program that not only differentiated us from our competition but also provided us with a clear competitive advantage.”
– Rob Lawson, Director of Training
Nutro Pet Products

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

“Best workshop ever! Best ROI. Real Solutions that can be input quickly and easily. Discussion was carried outside the training center to the car, hotel, restaurant and encompassed the entire stay. Spurred discussion, analysis and excitement for all. Have everyone go through this workshop and train at all levels. Must be a 2 to 2 ½ day workshop to allow for absorbtion and understanding.”

Brad Plein
Territory Manager
Nutro Pet Products

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